The Ultimate Guide to Natural Sweetener Substitutions

All the tools and guidance you need to take refined sugar free baking to the next level.

Learn how to swap refined sugar out of your life for good with this comprehensive conversions guide and feel more confident using natural sweeteners in your baking.

How This Guide Can Help You

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Sweeteners Substitutions was designed first and foremost to help you feel more confident substituting natural sweeteners in your home baking. It will:

Save You Time

This guide is designed to be a trusted, one-stop solution to natural sweetener substitutions. Don't waste anymore time Googling methods that fail.

Save You Money

Food waste is bad for the planet and wreaks havoc on your wallet. This guide will stop you throwing your hard-earned cash in the bin with the burnt cookies.

Make You Happier

When you can bake confidently with natural sweeteners, there's no reason to deprive yourself of the occasional treat. This guide will help you feel more satisfied.

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What You Get in the Guide

  1. 1
    3 Universal Tips that can make or break your success when using natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar
  1. 2
    A detailed break down of each natural sweetener, including fruit, liquid sugars, crystallised sugars, and sugar alcohols, and in which baked goods they're best used
  2. 3
    Kitchen-tested conversions and tips for each sweetener that will help you substitute more successfully
  1. 4
    A printable conversions cheat sheet to have on hand in the kitchen

About the Blogger

Amanda Saxby, CEO of Naturally Sweet Kitchen

I’m a refined sugar free recipe developer, a food photographer, a massive bibliophile, and a certified caffeine addict. I’m on a mission to help dessert and brunch lovers like you live a balanced lifestyle that suits you (one-size never fits all!) and includes ALL the foods that make you happy. Yes, even chocolate cake.

My job is to equip you with trusted recipes and the knowledge you need to bake refined sugar free desserts confidently in your own kitchen so you can live a happier, guilt-free life.

It's Time to Stop Depriving Yourself

You can live a balanced, healthy lifestyle AND enjoy dessert! This guide will give you the tools you need to achieve just that.

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