So you think pumpkin is stringy, watery, and bland?

In this free guide you'll discover the 6 most common varieties of pumpkin and how to use them properly, so that you'll want to cook this versatile winter vegetable all season long. (Not just on Thanksgiving or Halloween!)

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This guide will teach you:

How to identify the 6 most common varieties of pumpkin

The guide will walk you through what each pumpkin looks like and which ones are best for cooking and baking. Including the one kind you should NEVER cook!

Which pumpkins are best for sweet and/or savoury dishes

Pumpkins are not created equal! Learn which varieties are best for your savoury dishes and which ones should be kept aside for baking.

How best to prepare and cook each variety of pumpkin

Do you know which pumpkins are best for roasting, mashing, or battering & frying? Discover the best ways to prepare each variety of pumpkin!


The guide also includes two exclusive recipes so that you can experiment with the different kinds of pumpkin and discover a new favourite in your own kitchen!

Enjoy my delicious Butternut Pumpkin Shepherd's Pie for Sunday lunch or prep some refined sugar free Sugar Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins for tea next week!

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