hey lovely!

Let me guess…

You stumbled across this blog looking for a way to satisfy your sugar cravings – without actually eating any refined sugar.

I’m Amanda Saxby, a refined sugar free recipe developer, a food photographer, a massive bibliophile, and a certified caffeine addict. I’m on a mission to help dessert and brunch lovers like you live a balanced lifestyle that suits you (one-size never fits all!) and includes ALL the foods that make you happy. Yes, even chocolate cake.

If you’re looking for easy, healthy dessert and breakfast recipes that actually taste good and an expert to show you the ropes on how to bake better using natural sweeteners, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to equip you with trusted recipes and the knowledge you need to bake refined sugar free desserts confidently, so you can live a happier, guilt-free life.

Every food blog begins with a lack of options.

For most, it’s a dietary concern (like gluten-free, vegan, etc.) or a lifestyle issue (busy moms needing to get meals on the table FAST).

But for me, it was a lack of trust.

I’ve made a LOT of “healthy dessert” recipes in the past 12 years from various blogs and cookbooks. And, not to throw any shade, but 90% of them tasted like crap.

They were either…

  • Too gummy and stodgy
  • Too dry and crumbly
  • Tasted artificial like that fake sweetener shit
  • or tasted like cardboard

I don’t know about you, but like Angelica Schuyler, I’ll never be satisfied with a subpar “healthy” alternative. When I’m craving dessert, I want the goods. I want fat and sugar and the right texture.

Ya feel me?

So I started experimenting. I’d always been big into baking. But baking with natural sweeteners and other unconventional ingredients? That was new and, honestly, downright challenging. I spent years practicing my skills, researching ingredients and methods, until I finally felt confident that I could share my knowledge and recipes with the world.

I started Naturally Sweet Kitchen to give you a place you can trust for desserts, baked goods, and brunch recipes that satisfy your cravings using natural, whole food ingredients. 

My recipes are different because I don’t stop at one test and call it a day. I keep going until I get the texture and taste of my recipes as close as humanly possible to what you’d get from a bakery. You can trust that they’ll turn out perfect every time, be delicious and you probably won’t even notice the difference.

I promise I’ll never leave you wishing you’d just bought a slice of cake. I want you to feel completely satisfied and happy after baking and eating one of my desserts or brunch recipes.

I truly believe that dessert, carbs, fat, and, yes, even sugar, are part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. So whether you’re cutting back on refined sugar for health, ethical, or any other reason, just know that you don’t need to deprive yourself of the things you love to eat in order to be “healthy”.